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the Kelly TRach show with Kelly Trach

“Intuition and good fortune are in the cards for today’s episode—Tarot reader Stacey Coplin joins me to gab about spiritual practices and how she’s used divine downloads to both lead herself down the right path and help others do the same. If you're into Tarot, brand new to the ritual, or just fond of all things spiritual and woo woo, Stacey and her readings will absolutely have something in store for you. In this episode, Stacey discusses how her intuitive abilities have been fostered and honed throughout the years, suggests ways you can strengthen your own intuition, and even does a Tarot forecast for 2019!

Joana Keller Beautique

“Stacey Coplin is a tarot card reader from Vancouver with a healing intuition. Sitting down with Stacey was like hanging out with an old friend. You may have seen her at our last pop-up - She was the warm, sassy, no bull-shit readhead reading tarot cards for guests in the middle of a crowded room. With a precisde, yet easy going focus, Stacey has the ability to block out distraction and focus intently on the story at hand - Your story…”