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tarot is how i will heal the world.

My soul’s purpose is to offer you powerful perspectives through the intuitive art of storytelling, to inspire others to move towards infinite expression of self, to lead expansive, and fully aligned lives that are firmly anchored in courage, freedom, & joy.


tarot readings

Tarot readings are an affirming, spiritual experience that is powerful, transcendental, individual and aspirational.

I focus on reading the cards with you, using the information that you provide to guide you intuitively, and effectively towards your fullest expression of self, finding healing and growth on the way. Tarot allows us an insiders look to which cosmic strings are begging to be pulled, and some deeper shadow work that we are being called to address and work through.

My sessions are handcrafted, gluten free, empowering as fuck, card based rituals that you can use to guide you on a path towards radical change, expansion and self improvement. Tarot offers moments of deep transformation connection to self, and source.

a cosmic sneak peek / $100

We ask the cards the big Q, and we pull a minimum of 13 cards. This is a great way to find illumination and perspective within the shadows. 30 minutes, includes a recording of your reading. 

full witch / $180

This is the creme de la creme of readings. You will get a full spread, where we can look at a few different areas of interest, we will pull a minimum of 27 cards. This is a 90 minutes session, and you will receive a recording of your reading, homework, and a run down of your numerology and all your numbers.

learn to tarot / $75 - $175

I offer my own personal, progressive, down to earth tarot teachings. Split them up, do them all at once, take your time, or just pick the one you have been struggling with. I have split this offering up into 6 lessons: Intro to the cards, Major Arcana, Cups, Wands, Swords, Pentacles, and to finish it off, The Court Cards.

witches social / STARTING AT $350

Witching is better with friends! I host esoteric nights of tarot healing, learning, socializing, and workshops (approx. 2.5 hours). I can host them at my tarot den here in Vancouver, or I can travel to you. This includes: An Intro to Tarot, a guided step-by-step exploration to how you can step fully into your birthright of intuition, and a collective circle tarot reading.

Add ons include, but are not limited too: 1 hour of mini readings ($125/hr), Personalized Numerology Packette ($25/person), Astrology Charts ($50/person). If you would like me to bring my astrologer with me to explain the charts and all the insights they hold, she charges $100/hour.


Special Offers


patreon / $5- $10 a month

For those who need the weekly #woo, my Patreon is full of nuggets of intuitive gold. Weekly Tarot readings, Monthly Tarotscopes, Metaphysical Musings and all for less than some fancy cups of coffee are! Score!

Distance Reading $25

This offering has strict boundaries, and that is why I can afford to offer it at this cost! This offering is through written communications only. When you’re ready, all you need to do is submit your query, and I will ask you to pay upfront. Within 72 hours you will receive an email containing the medicine and magic that the message of your cards holds for you. Usually these readings are about 2 - 3 pages in length.

quickie pack of 3 x 15 minute skype readings/ $100

For the wonderer on the go, this pack comes with 3 x 15 minute mini readings. You will need to come prepared with a direct and defined question. This is not a deep dive, it is more about checking in, and illuminating our blind spots.


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